Adventures in leuthil

Helestries' Journal Entry #101:

Our quest to find the missing miners

We got a reasonable tip from a one armed man at the local tavern, telling wild tales of missing miners and mysteries deep within the mine. Fate has brought us an opportunity to help these people, and i for one saw no reason not to add our skills to this problem. Gathering up our supplies, the 6 of us set into the dim torchlight of the mines.

Cutting through cobwebs might have terrified me once – i am now past such fears, having gazed into the heart of darkness itself. And while spiders may certainly be more dangerous than their webs, they also held no fear for us.

Pressing further, we discovered the lair of a couple of air elementals, accompanied by more giant spiders (Could it be that these foul things work in concert? For what purpose, and by whose power? These questions drive my heart deeper toward our goal). Calling upon the Arms of Hadar, i made short work of these monstrosities, with the help of my companions of course. But i did not expect our next opponent at all…


Pyyrus bakakel

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